Physiological Testing

On the back of Physiological testing, we are able to establish knowledge of an individual’s physical strengths and weakness’, which can be used to monitor and improve training and lifestyle. The tests are suitable for anybody wanting to improve their health, wellbeing, and/or performance, from the grass roots amateur level, to professional and Olympic level. All of the tests have excellent repeatability, and therefore once the initial test has been done, and appropriate training has been carried out, you can be retested to see how you have progressed.

Submaximal and maximal aerobic testing

During this test, exercise intensity is gradually increased until the participant can no longer continue, at which point maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) is measured. This provides a measure of cardiovascular fitness, and is a good indication of the individual’s endurance capabilities. This test can be conducted on either the treadmill, where intensity is increased by increasing the speed, or a bike where intensity is increased via the resistance whilst peddling.

Running economy test

This test measures how efficiently an athlete can run at different running speeds by monitoring your oxygen uptake. This test measures the steady-state consumption of oxygen (VO2) and the respiratory exchange ratio. From this we are able to see weakness and strengths during different stages of the test and work on a training plan to improve this.

This can be done on either a treadmill or a bike, where oxygen in constantly monitored and the intensity of the exercise is varied throughout, in order to see how the oxygen uptake levels change.

Blood lactate profiles

VO2 max testing can be combined with the measurement of blood lactate to accurately set individual training intensities.

Body composition

This measures both lean and fat mass, and can be taken in combination with anthropometric variables such as waist circumference, which may have important implications for both general health and performance during sports.

Power output testing

Power output testing looks at the amount of power that is being produced over a period, to identify maximum aerobic power.

Functional Threshold Power Test

A functional threshold test takes place over a long period of time to establish your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 45 to 60 minutes. This calculated by the Watts produced per kilo of body weight.

Test of maximal fat oxidation

This test precisely measures the optimal fat burning exercise intensity.

Sports Psychology
Performance Profiling

Performance profiling is a technique to identify strengths and weaknesses within performance. It helps to raise awareness of the qualities important for successful performance in your sport.

Psychological skills training

We offer a range of well-researched psychological techniques to enhance sports performance. This is done through a range of techniques to best suit you, including Imagery, Goal setting, Concentration training, Anxiety control and Mental preparation.

The training will give you a range of benefits, from having a more positive mentality going in to competition, which may give you the edge over opponents, to having a greater focus, and drive in your training.

Biomechanical and performance analysis
Technique analysis

Technique analysis allows us to breakdown and analyse movement patterns and technique in particular key skills in your chosen sport.

Notational Analysis

Notational analysis is the investigation of the activity of players during competition and is not restricted to 'on the ball' activity. It seeks to develop an understating of the physiological requirements in certain sporting activities, in particular team sports.

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is suitable for individuals to better understand the way in which you walk or run.

Sport specific testing
Bespoke consultations for events and challenges

We are able to offer consultations on a 1 to 1 or team basis, in which we can work alongside you, in order get you physically and mentally ready for an upcoming event and/or challenge. Every recommendation on the back of the consultation will be bespoke to you, based on your own timescales, targets, and ambitions. We can recommend what services we can offer in order to push you towards achieving your targets, tailored around you.

Field based tests

Field based assessments take place, in a familiar environment rather than in a laboratory. Field based tests are a great way to assess many aspects of the factors that can affect your performance, such as fitness levels, speed, flexibility, and power.

Nutrition consultation

During a nutrition consultation, we are able to provide a general assessment on your diet. We will also provide tailored, practical advice based around your lifestyle and goals.

Nutrition consultation and Dietary analysis

A nutrition consultation and dietary analysis is ideal for any athlete that wants to take their performance to the next level, and optimise the effects of the foods they are consuming. We will discuss your current diet through a pre-appointment completed questionnaire and food diary. The results of the computerised dietary analysis will enable us to work with and help you to achieve the results you want with bespoke nutrition and meal plans.

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